Tree Pruning Services

Turneys have decades of experience and our teams of tree surgeons are ready to help you manage your trees.

We comply with the best practice within the industry and comply with all legislation. The processes we use and the systems we follow create a strong structure whilst correcting any defects or weaknesses within the tree.

Tree pruning itself is a term that includes a combination of techniques any or all of which can be used to achieve the required result.

Some of the techniques we use are;

Tree Pruning | tree surgery

Crown Reduction

This is a common technique and is where the foliage of the tree is cut from the outer edge into the crown, reducing the shape and size of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Usually used on hardwood trees, crown thinning is the selective removal of stems and branches to increase the light penetration through the tree.

Crown Lifting

This is where we cut the lower beaches of the tree to ‘lift’ the crown of the tree and allow for more clearance between the ground and the first of the lower branches.

Crown Cleaning

Sometimes called ‘dead wooding’ this is the process where we remove any dead or diseased branches from the tree to ensure the overall health of the tree improves.


Often used on ‘street’ trees where a smaller crown is preferred, the main branches of the tree are pruned heavily to short stubs. This promotes vigorous growth from the stumpy branches that are left.

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